4 things that an employer looks for in a prospective employee

Desire to work and learn new things:

As Dan Goldberg said, your potential is defined by your desire.

The stronger the desire, the greater the self motivation. More than the skill set or the knowledge, the quality that every employer looks in a candidate is his desire. Managers want to hire people who are proactive and goal oriented. They would always want to mould their workers according to their needs. Employers would love to work with someone who knows what he is doing, with someone who is clear with their ambitions.

Social skills:

However, goal oriented and knowledgeable you are, if you aren’t a team player, it would be tough to fit in. If you cannot get along with your team, your work cannot be executed properly. Leadership qualities are what managers want in their employees. If you have a great personality and commendable communication skills, you are half way to get the job.


Yes. Many are recruited into their company based on how loyal they are. Employers want their workers to stick to their team at all times. Nobody wants an employee who can’t be trusted. Often we see employers hiring their close friends and relatives for important positions in the company. If you can create that trust in them by being faithful, you can always fill their post.


Having knowledge in the required field is obviously an advantage. You may not be judged totally based on it, but having good technical skills will certainly impress the employer. They would also expect creativity and originality at the same time.

These are few things an employer looks for in a prospective employee. If he is convinced that you have anything unique apart from the usual qualification and if he tends to believe that you are the answer for why he should hire you, then believe me, you will surely get your job offer.




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